Washington DC Tea Party 9/12/2009 My Journey

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I went down to the Washington Tea Party on Amtrack because I felt a personal responsibility to do whatever I could to help get my country back on the right track both fiscally and philosophically.  For the best part of the past year, politicians have been expanding the government, and destroying incentive in our society.  We have been weakened militarily, diplomatically, and financially, culminating recently in the attempt to have the government take over the health care industry.  The immediate purpose of my trip was to land my presence and make a stand showing how opposed I am to the so-called public option of a single payer government entity, and all its Trojan Horse look-alikes which would eventually destroy the health insurance industry, and make the government the sole decider of how to ration health care in our country. Read the rest of this entry »



How to Destroy Incentive, Initiative, and Cripple our Economy for Years to Come Part2


A few days ago I posted the first part of this blog article, which dealt with the government takeover of the banking and finance industry, the automobile industry, and its suffocating influence in our energy industries.  As a small business owner, it’s important to keep a wary eye on the government and economic trends.  We all know that it’s getting harder and harder to make a decent living now.  In this article, I’d like to examine in a practical way monetary policy, tax policy, and healthcare, and how changes in those government policies are likely to impact us into the future. Read the rest of this entry »



How to Destroy Incentive, Initiative, and Cripple our Economy for Years to Come Part1


A few days ago I wrote an article tracing the origin of the credit collapse our country and the rest of the world experienced over the past six months. As the owner of a small business, which specializes in information technology and software development, a good understanding of the economic climate and, in particular, the apatite for capital investment is essential in predicting prospects for business and profits for our company and others like us in the years to come. Read the rest of this entry »



Here’s Another Nice Mess You’ve Gotten me Into…


For the past 20 years, my company has been designing mission critical software for some of the most recognized brand-name companies in this country.  During that time, I have been privy to hundreds of business plans, and have seen many examples of ventures, and can identify prominent features that were common to the plans which succeeded, and other features which were common to the ones which ultimately failed.  Prior to founding the company, I have held very visible economic posts in leading Wall Street investment banks, and as commodity economist for one of the nation’s leading producers of consumer goods.  So I am considered well experienced and well qualified to comment on our current economic situation. Read the rest of this entry »