Effective Web Marketing: Common Sense SEO Start with a Plan

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Most of the time, companies will develop their websites, and achieve something that looks attractive, and then pay attention to the real business and reason for their developing a web presence in the first place: marketing their product and employing effective SEO techniques.  That’s because web development is an easy sell. 

In many cases, developers have cookie cutter templates that create sites that can be put up in a matter of days.  The average developer can put up a credible site that looks good and that will satisfy their customers’ desires for a web presence rather cheaply and profitably.  And then he will move on to the next customer with his offer to build an inexpensive website.  They have fulfilled their part of the bargain.  And in the process have not only benefited from harvesting the low hanging fruit from the client, but have left the client with an (in many cases) appealing looking site that in many cases gets in the way of the client’s attaining what he really needed in the first place: an effective tool that will enhance his marketing presence on the web.  For years, web developers have included Flash files and fancy Javascript in websites that until recently were completely ignored by search engines.  But that is only one of the many SEO faux pas that have been commonplace practice by naive ‘drive by’ web developers.

A far better approach is to settle on the marketing (SEO) strategy first, and then make the web development process serve those marketing aims.  That way, menus can be designed intelligently, and in a way that conforms naturally to the objectives of the site.  The site as a whole can be planned and developed with an eye to leading the potential client on a journey that is a surrogate to having a conversation with the client.

This is the ONLY way that endeavors of this type make any sense.  The usual way is tantamount to firing a gun before aiming it.

I organized a white water rafting trip several years ago down the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania.  Because my group of friends all lived in NJ near New York City, I arranged for everyone to stay at a charming hotel in Pennsylvania, just over the border from NJ, with the idea of completing the journey early the next morning.  As it happened, staying at the Hotel that same evening was a ‘convention’ (about 25) of various practioners of the occult and paranormal.  There were palm readers, hypnotists, phrenologists, astrologers, and all manner of strangeness.  I played piano for everybody for a while in the parlor, and afterward, the two groups mingled and discussed affairs of the day, and their respective professions.  To a man the paramormal folks seemed to be obsessed with tearing down their peers, and trying to appear to be the unchallenged spokesman of their particular branch of the field. ‘She’s a fraud’, or ‘He hasn’t discovered anything in years’ or ‘I have a new discovery which has revolutionized the field of astrology’ were typical ‘confidential’ comments made to members of our group in private conversations.  We all laughed and compared notes the next day.

So it is with our profession.There are many who claim to have the keys to the kingdom.  Whether or not they do will only be determined in the future, and someone is always changing the locks.

So in the weeks ahead, I’ll be blogging a series of articles about common sense web marketing and SEO that has proved quite effective in the past.  But today’s take away is to begin with a comprehensive plan: what you are selling, how it will be sold and marketed, what platform you will use, and how easy it will be for you to adjust your message, product listing and how to market on each of the important search engines, and social media.  You won’t need fancy software to do this. For my clients I use Microsoft OneNote for the narrative portions and to flesh out the strategies, and Microsoft Excel to keep track of the metrics and benchmarks.

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