Vim: the Swiss Army Knife of Programming and Website Development Tools

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Paraphrasing the Peter Allen song, ‘Everything Old is New Again’ would be the perfect way to describe using the recent editions of Vim in its role as a premier tool in the arsenal of well-equipped web developers and programmers. Vim supports contextual intelligence and support for HTML, C, C++, CSS, PHP, Python, Javascript, Ruby and many other languages, with the ability to add others as they gain favor!   This powerful free and open source program which has been a mainstay of the Unix/Linux community for decades is now available in versions for Windows and Mac machines.  I recently revisited this marvelous software after first seeing it several decades ago, and was impressed enough after spending a few days getting re-acquainted to adopt it as a mainstay in my programming arsenal.  This is an excellent and powerful tool which will provide much of the ammunition any data infomancer or development guru will need to create and maintain a thoroughly professional product! Read the rest of this entry »



Effective Web Marketing: Common Sense SEO: Metatags

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Meta tags are road signs for search engines that are found at the beginning of each well-formed HTML page on your site.  They are not visible to the user on the page because they are buried in the HTML code, and are of value to the search robots, and therefore of critical interest to those in charge of marketing the site.  It is the meta tags which guide the search engines to what the developer of the site thinks is important on that page. Read the rest of this entry »