Microsoft Software Mastering the Web?

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Summary: As a prominent professional developer of custom software, database products, and provider of I T consulting services and web products and services in the NY NJ metropolitan area, we have been keen and interested observers of Microsoft’s performance and products that they have developed over the past 20 years.  In our opinion, Microsoft is losing the battle for market share of the software that is the lingua franca of the Internet.  In our opinion, this results from their design of products they make to produce reliance on other Microsoft products.  We believe that this feature is a result of Microsoft corporate culture, and not of any altruistic motive on their part.  The Internet, in contrast, is steadfastly committed to open standards to accommodate a vast variety of approches to community.  Neither of these attitudes seems like to change.  In our opinion, this disconnect will continue to work to the detriment of Microsoft. Read the rest of this entry »



Don’t Try This At Home, Kiddies!

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A few days ago, a new follower of mine on Twitter send me a private direct message, asking me to take a look at his new website.  Figuring that he might be spamming me, but allowing for the possibility that he was really asking me for my opinion, I messaged him privately asking if he REALLY wanted my opinion.  He replied that he did.  And inasmuch as web development, marketing, and SEO are significant portions of out business, I agreed to take a look. Read the rest of this entry »