Technology in Blogging: Collection of Ideas and Coordination of Content

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The process of blogging involves basically the cogent and organized statement and expression of better ideas communicated in a way that others can understand. Today, the market is saturated with innovative and clever software which will greatly assist the writers and planners of this world in producing thoughtful content efficiently. In our business, we always start with an organized examination and reformulation of the business process and rules of our clients.

In order to be successful, several inhibitions to this process needs to be examined understood and remedied. The first is the very idea of how to collect ideas and sub ideas. In my experience, ideas come from many locations and at many times. One of the issues and perhaps the most important of all is designing a process that one can capture those ideas. Because one never knows when one is going to have an idea or receive the revelation it’s important to have a method to capture these ideas as they occur. I use an iPhone or iPad as the technology that hooks all those together.

As a web-based receiver and recorder of that information, Evernote, a free internet based site which will allow you to save and record your ideas in an organized fashion, is my choice. These methods give only a rough outline and a way to collect and produce an organized listing of these idea fragments. These later must be combined in collated and edited into an intelligible skein of thought process. Because it’s not uncommon to have thoughts on different subjects they’re not in a logical flow but seemingly random it’s also convenient to have different subjects in one’s electronic notebook I find Evernote is very good for this as well.

One can with a little practice and experience have a notebook that is arranged by different subjects and when one has some thoughts one can go to the subject page that’s appropriate for those thoughts to help organize the content. Evernote also has a web clipping application which will enable you to save web articles to Evernote.

Lastly, I use a product called SnagIt to capture and edit screen images to be inserted into my articles. Very convenient.

After a short period of time the notebook, if you attempt to keep it somewhat organized, will be filled with a logical progression of ideas thoughts and subjects which although composed of different times are organized well enough to conceive a pretty frequent blog articles which may or may not be part of a single uber-subject.

I’ve also discovered that if you carry your iPhone with you at all times it’s not difficult to come up with an organized thought pattern, punctuate those thoughts occasionally with photos that you can take on your iPhone and then transfer to a document and process before it’s published

As I have frequently noticed in my business, it is the process and the assimilation and institutionalization if you will of that process that is the key factor to success in promulgating any idea or idea system.

Ideas, like flowers need to ripen and mature.

Another reason why this is a good set of habits to develop is that in my experience one rarely knows at the outset of an idea the limits to which that idea will grow, it’s fecundity, usefulness or how it will nurture itself and grow. To reach its full flower and idea needs to be considered from many different angles and examined and considered. And aged like a good cheese in order to assess where the idea will go and how it will grow.

In my view, this is the most difficult part of writing a blog: the organized collection and assembly of a coherent collection of thought and ideas. But using my technique of an electronic web-based notebook, and the dictation and photo power of the iPhone, I believe dramatically improves and makes easier this process. I use DropBox (the free version) which allows me to transfer applicable photos from my phone to my desktop computer, or for a single picture I can just email it to myself.

I conceived the idea of the series of articles about 10 days ago, and now have easily enough material for about 12 blog articles on this general subject (improvements in technology and its contribution to the process of blogging and the processing and promulgation of ideas).

I estimate (I did not keep a log) that since this idea occurred to me, I have spent about a total of an hour formulating the outline and dictating idea fragments and partial text for about a dozen blog articles. Transferring all the content to a Word document took about 5 minutes, and rewriting and editing the content for this article took about 10 minutes. Because the recording and outline of the articles occurred in ‘private time’ snippets while walking to the train, or driving I do not count that time. So it works out that it will take about 3 hours to create 12 thoughtful blog articles with the help of my new process, and a little technology.

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