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The Joust

A tournament was scheduled in the local province, and seven knights registered for the competition. Each contestant was to joust with each of the others, and each knight's number of wins would be totalled to determine the winner, and the rankings of the 6 runner-up knights. In which order did the knights finish, and how many wins had each?
Sir Intrepid finished ahead of Sir Gallant, but behind Sir Victor.
Sir Able's ranking (and Sir Victor's) was an odd number.
Sir Bold and Sir Able finished behind Sir Intrepid.
Sir Staunch won 4 jousts.
Sir Hector finished two places behind Sir Bold.
Sir Gallant finished two places ahead of Sir Able.


Out of 21 contests, Sir Victor won 6 jousts; Intrepid won 5; Staunch won 4; Bold won 3; Gallant won 2; Hector won 1; and Able wasn't.

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