Custom Programming and Web Development

Paladin Consultants, LLC has been providing custom programming as an original service for the past twenty years. The service is still centerpiece of the company’s activities. The custom programming staff includes experts in a variety of the languages and tools necessary to produce custom software, ranging from CRM applications to accounting, to robotics and industrial, to sophisticated financial engineering programs used by global corporations and investment banks. Paladin usually works with the best custom-programming tool for a particular job from the simplest Microsoft Access database to high-performance data-driven web sites. Although purchasing shrink-wrapped software is often tempting, rather than creating your own through custom programming. It may be that a pre-programmed shrink-wrapped solution does not offer the specific applications that a given business needs. Custom programming is the best answer to such problems. Paladin helps its clients create software that can be modified as needs change.

Web development, on the other hand, incorporates all areas of developing a website for the World Wide Web. It encompasses graphical web designs, actual coding of pages, backend programming, and web server configuration. However, among web professionals, Web development usually refers only to the non-design aspects of building Web sites like writing markup and coding.

As custom programming consultants, Paladin has expert level facility in the following languages:

  •     C and C++
  •     Visual Basic (VB)
  •     Dot Net Technology
  •     Java and C#
  •     FoxPro and dBase
  •     SQLServer
  •     JavaScript and VBScript

Interestingly the company credits most its success to the application of these five principles:

~ Foremost listen carefully and thoroughly understand the whole problem. Then make the plan. This helps to deliver the projects on time, under budget, and above expectations

~ Fashion solutions cleverly so they can be adapted and re-used. It employs using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology, also called component architecture.

~ Understand that the software development is here to serve the business. Business realities like workflow and user preferences must always be in alignment with areas of data transfer and reconfiguration, user interfaces, documentation, and training.

~ Don't rush into the newest technology: make sure a solution is well tested before you risk it on a client. Although well heeled in technology, Paladin tends to strike a balance between pioneering and maintaining excellent standards.

~ Anything worth doing is worth doing well. All the software from the stables of Paladn is guaranteed to work as designed for the life of the project.


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