Custom Programming and Software Development

The needs of modern business house are varied. It is not possible for any company to use the same software which another business house is using. It is due to these reasons that custom software has evolved and become popular. It is a type of software developed either for a precise organization or function. The off the shelf software that are available in the market won’t serve the purpose.

While developing custom software the business for which the software has been developed can interact with the developers as well as add additional functions which they want. Custom software developers are able to create a version that has only the system core and essential system modules. As there is no strict deadline as is in the case of mass software development, the software fulfills all the needs as specified by the customer.
Custom software is developed or modified as required by the customer. It differs from off-the-shelf software in that it is not standardized for commercial use.

The expertise of the custom software developers lies in a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies, such as .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), XML and many more.
Paladn is a company which is providing custom software development as required by the customers. The company has wide experience as well as expertise in a wide variety of software for a broad spectrum of businesses. It covers areas like CRM applications, accounting, robotics and industrial, sophisticated financial engineering programs used by global corporations.

In some cases the software is intended for a stand-alone policy, but generally it involves a user interface to a database, where data can be delivered to a screen, a series of reports, or to a browser. This can be done by using a client-server model on the in-house local area network, or even over the internet. Using web services to deliver this processed data, either for public consumption through the company website, or privately.

Paladin provides custom programming software in various languages like C and C++, Visual Basic (VB),.Net Technology. Java and C#, FoxPro and dBase SQL Server, JavaScript and VBScript.

The custom programming software and solution must be fashioned to mould to the business. At Paladin it is given great importance to focus on business realities like workflow, and preference to users in fields of data transfer and reconfiguration, user interfaces, documentation, and training. More significantly, the solution must be a byproduct of continuous interaction and feedback between the business decision makers, and the consultants.


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