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.Net Platform Articles

 The ADO.Net Model : ADO.Net is the latest in a series of technologies from Microsoft which focus on the connection of applications to databases of one sort or another.

The ADO.Net Command Object : In a connected mode environment, after a connection is established with the data, the data is manipulated and returned using the command object.

The ADO.Net Connection Object : Either in connected or disconnected mode, the first thing one needs to do is to connect to the database(s). This is accomplished in by creating a connection object that points to the subject database.

The ADO.Net DataAdapter Object : The key to using the DataSet object to its full capability is the DataAdapter. You’ll recall that the DataSet is built usually by downloading data from tables in a dataset on the server.

The ADO.Net DataReader : The Data Reader is a simple object – a use one time and throw away container for holding the results of an ExecuteReader() method of the command object.

The ADO.Net DataSet Object Part 1 : The DataSet is an in-memory database – a collection of virtual tables with means to populate, examine, modify and deleting delete the tables and the data within them.

The ADO.Net DataSet Object Part 2 : The DataSet is a much more powerful and complicated object than the DataReader. The DataReader is a read-only forward-only object wherein once a record is read it is gone, unless it is saved into an array.

ASP.Net Applications : ASP.Net is the technology platform that is part and parcel of the Microsoft .Net framework which is designed to help build web applications.

Error Handling : For years, the weak part of most of the languages supported by Microsoft has been the error handling capability. In most cases this error handling was a variant of 2 statements.

ASP.Net Applications : There is some useful information at with links and articles on client server technology and access to information.

XML Web Services : XML Web Services are .Net components , which reply to Http requests using the SOAP protocol (Simple Object Access Protocol).

ASP.Net Applications - Error Handling : ASP.Net is the technology platform that is part and parcel of the Microsoft .Net framework which is designed to help build web applications.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming : It was the Greeks who codified the two dimensional space in Euclid’s presenJanuary 4, 2009bra, the basic mathematics of abstraction.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming II : Fundamental to the concept of object orientation is the idea of class. A class is an abstract blueprint of a group of objects that share the same characteristics.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming III : Fundamental to the concept of object orientation is the idea of class. A class is an abstract blueprint of a group of objects which share the same characteristics.

Description of the Microsoft .NET Platform : The Microsoft .NET platform is a multi-language, multi-technology platform which provides and defines standards of interconnectivity between those languages and technologies.

UML: Complexities of Designing Larger Systems : Consider for a moment the chain of instructions typically generated in the development of a simple business application. Like for example a ‘Customer Relationship Management System’ to keep track of leads, sales, orders, and accounting etc.

UML: Behavioral Modeling : Most of the items in sequence and collaboration categories overlap. The sequence model emphasizes events in the time element of the interaction while the Collaboration models try to show relationships between objects and components.

UML Structural Modeling: Component and Deployment Diagrams : A component is part of the system that exists when the system is operating. The component modeling focuses on modeling the implementation of the system.

UML Components: Classes, Relationships, Objects, and Links : Classes and Objects are depicted as 3 drawer rectangles. (Only the first drawer is required.) In the top drawer appears the name of the class, and if the class is inherited from other base classes, the name of the class is appended to the other classes separated by colons.

Defining UML and its Methodology : UML is a graphic language which is very useful for modeling and communicating about systems and processes. Through the use of diagrams, which appear like flowcharts (but are much more useful and descriptive), a language is adopted to allow the systems people.

UML: Structural Modeling : The simplest diagram in UML is the Use Case Diagram. Use Case diagrams show the functionality of a system. The diagrams have basically 3 components.

Structure of UML: Introduction : UML is a graphic language with all of its elements represented by graphic items. Some of these items have text associated with them to amplify, clarify or modify their intent.

Web Design and Networking Services : Web design is part of starting a website and includes web server configuration, writing web applications and server security. It is the art of creating WebPages that are accessible to everyone, using any device.

IT Consulting : Paladin Consultants offers full service consulting on information technology (IT) and applications to its clients. Based in metropolitan New York/ New Jersey, the computer consultancy firm specializes in database design.

Custom Programming and Web Development : Paladin Consultants, LLC has been providing custom programming as an original service for the past twenty years. The service is still centerpiece of the company’s activities.

Custom Programming And Software Development : The needs of modern business house are varied. It is not possible for any company to use the same software which another business house is using. It is due to these reasons that custom software has evolved and become popular.

Database Design Services : The process of producing a detailed data model of a database is known as database design service. The information needed for all logical and physical design choices as well as physical storage parameters which are needed to generate a design in a Data Definition Language.

.NET (DOTNET) Programming And Development : The latest technology in computers is the .NET. It provides services to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software. It has been integrated across the Microsoft platform, .NET technology gives customer the ability to quickly build, organize, control, and use connected security-enhanced solutions with Web services.

Visual Basic .Net Programming : Visual Basic.NET is a robust, versatile programming language designed for Web Based as well as Windows based application development. The language has been used by programmers to develop professional applications and offers advantage of the features of .NET environment.

C# Custom Programming : C# is a language developed by Microsoft that is similar to Java. C# Custom Programming has the power of C++ which is combined with the simplicity of C#. This language is supposed to be the best language for Microsoft’s .NET programming for some applications.

C++ Custom Programming
: Different programming languages are used to design and develop a variety of applications and programs and C++ is one of them. It is an object oriented programming language that is successfully used to create large scale applications. .

VB Custom Programming : Visual Basic is latest incarnation of the BASIC language. It offers you complete windows application development system in one package. Paladin offers a variety of computer services such as VB Custom Programming, Database design, Web design, networking and design etc.

Database Design: Designing Principle & Pattern : Database design and management has become one of the most important elements of success in businesses of today. The better you manage your database the more equipped you become to provide instant answers to your process queries and your client needs.

Custom Programming: Programmer And Software Development : Custom software development has been the main focus of the software industry over the last few years. Most clients prefer to have a program that is tailor made to their specific requirements. In this manner, they eventually require less training time to get the customized software running.

IT and Computer Consulting : The IT service industry is booming these days. It mainly thrives on specialized consultancy services. There are many IT and computer consulting companies that offer expert services to their clients. These services predominantly include custom software development, web designing and database management.

Get Custom Programming Solutions in NYC : Business landscapes are changing at a great pace with a broad spectrum of Custom Programming services. Every business generates large volumes of data that contain valuable .NET Programming provide information like individual facts about the customers, products, operations and people.

A NY based Company Offering custom software development : Over the years, NY Custom Software Development has developed a broad variety of software for a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from CRM applications to accounting, to robotics and industrial, to sophisticated financial engineering programs used by global corporations.

IT consulting Firm in NJ : Business success relies on more than just the more contemporary technology solutions, fastest computer processor, most advanced software platforms and fastest internet speeds. In order to keep pace with the huge demands of the market, its always advisable to keep oneself up-to-date with the latest technology available.




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