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Transact-SQL is the language of SQL Server. It is an enhanced and extended set of instructions growing out of the ANSI SQL 92 language set. Basically everything that one instructs SQL Server to do is accomplished through t-SQL, T-SQL, either through the SQL Server Query Analyzer, or through Stored Procedures, o r by passing T-SQL commands to the engine through the CLI (call level interface).

There are 3 levels to the Transact-SQL language. The first is the Data Definition Language(DDL). This involves creating and altering the objects within the SQL Server database, such as tables, Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Views and the like.

The second level is called the Data Manipulation language (DML). This set of instructions and key words correlate to the typical SQL language that one would expect to encounter. SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, WHERE, JOIN, and GROUP BY are examples of commands in the DML which one would typically use to produce and modify records within database tables and views. It is this part of the language which is usually understood as ‘SQL' or structured query language.

Finally, the third component is the Data Control Language (DCL) , which allows the user to control the flow and branching of a stored procedure program. In addition to a hefty set of functions provided, to manipulate strings, and cast data types, there are looping controls, such as WHILE, GOTO, branching controls like IF, ELSE, and CASE to allow the user to use the data to make processing choices.


SQL Server Tools

Bulk Copy Program

BCP provides the functionality to copy large amounts of data from XML or flat files or files exported from other SQL Server installations. It is very useful for producing test datasets, or for loading production data.

SQL Server Enterprise Manager

The Enterprise Manager is the portal to the SQL Server system. It allows one to manage multiple SQL Server datasets across the enterprise, or across the network. One can create database objects interactively through the Enterprise Manager, and manage maintenance such as pickups or scheduling jobs.


SQL Server Profiler

The Server Profiler allows the monitoring of performance of the SQL Server system and application performance. It creates a log and allows tracing of SQL Server commands.

SQL Server Query Analyzer

The Query Analyzer is a powerful tool , which allows creation and display of output T-SQL commands in an interactive environment. It's great for testing SQL statements before they are copied and pasted into a stored procedure. The Query Analyzer is an invaluable assetMay 23, 2006

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