1 and 4 tell you that there are 9 or more nurses, and 6 or less doctors

2 tells you that the number of male nurses is less than 6

From 3, we learn that there must be more than 4 male nurses

Therefore, there must be exactly 5 male nurses

There can be no more than 9 nurses: 5 male and 4 female, and there must be no less than 6 male doctors, plus one female bring the total to 16.

As for me, a male doctor contradicts #2, a male nurse contradicts #3, a female doctor contradicts #4.

Therefore, I am female and a nurse.

Hospital Staff

The hospital staff consists of 16 doctors and nurses, including myself.  The following facts are true whether you include me or not.

   1. There are more nurses than doctors
   2. There are more male doctors than male nurses
   3. There are more male nurses than female nurses
   4. There is at least one female doctor

What is my sex and occupation?

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